Hello! I’m Morgan, a final year Theatre & Performance student at the University of Leeds. Despite desperately trying not to give in to the wanky, bookish, wannabe-writer narrative, I’m going to end this first paragraph by saying that I am an aspiring writer (and that I am also very wanky and bookish).

I write about a little bit of everything; my current journalistic bylines include The Gryphon, Screen Queens, Her Campus, The Tab, The Hysteria Collective, The Insecure Girl’s Club and Nice People Magazine.

My fortnightly column at The Indiependent, Love Letters To My 20s, was commissioned in August 2020- but I have also been Theatre Editor there since September 2019. As you can imagine, this role has tied me to mostly Theatre News, Theatre Reviews and Theatre Features, so I brought this portfolio (my old, personal blog) to life to help me reflect on my previous content and push myself into diversifying my work.

In January 2021, I birthed my newsletter, Dishing The Dirt, after an evening of giggling over times that my followers and I had cried over people who didn’t deserve our tears. Every week, I respond to my Instagram & Twitter followers’ answers to my questions on dating and relationships to form a hilarious insight into what our love lives truly look like.

It’s my dream to have a book published, to run a successful podcast, and to have writing career that I am proud of. I’ll be using this blog to keep tabs on these goals, and hopefully I can eventually brag about it all here and you can all feel that you’ve witnessed a truly beautiful character arc.

When I’m not reading, at the theatre, or eating too much in Bundobust, you’ll find me re-watching How I Met Your Mother, or in red-eyed and typing furiously behind my laptop screen.