A song that reminds me of my ex is…

I’m not sure that I’ll ever forgive my ex for ruining Pink Floyd.

PSA: I am no longer listening to any funky music that a white boy plays in my presence, because I am now crippled by stress and anxiety every time ‘our song’ comes on. 

Spotify and their personalised ‘Repeat Rewind’ playlists have been unintentionally screwing me over lately. Even though it’s been over a year and a half since my ex-boyfriend and I broke up, and therefore just over a year and a half since I kicked him out of my Spotify account, I have found myself having to regularly endure a whole range of music that reminds me of him, whether I like it or not. (Thanks, mysterious Spotify algorithm.)

He spent 2016-2019 leeching off my monthly subscription and logged into my account (was he a man-child or saving-conscious? You decide!), which meant that we listened to each other’s playlists every day. Both of us were really into music so, despite having polar-opposite musical preferences on the whole…

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