My childhood crush was…

Just here to let Zac Efron and Robert Pattinson know that I’m still available xo

This week’s Spotify pick was chosen because a) it’s an absolute bop, and b) I spent the majority of 2009-2015 strutting around my bedroom with it blasting through my headphones, lip-syncing in an emotionally-charged performance for every one of my high school crushes (and Robert Pattinson, obvs).

In a similar way that we reflect on our exes and wonder how and why we were ever attracted to them in the first place, looking back on our childhood crushes is a cause for both concern and entertainment. We felt things so intensely as kids: I remember my love for Zac Efron fuelling absolutely everything I did with my life, from decorating my school books to writing fan-fiction. Still, even though it was deemed acceptable to swoon over (and make creepy bedroom shrines dedicated to) the hotties that graced our television screens, some were definitely more embarrassing than others. Many of us have kept our obsessions…

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