The worst date I’ve ever been on was…

An ode to wanting nothing more than a drink and a nice conversation.

In the words of SAYGRACE: if you want me, act like it.

I count myself as one of the lucky few twenty-somethings that hasn’t been on an awful date. Yes, there have been a couple where my nerves got the better of me and I said something ridiculous, and there have definitely been times where thinking about who I was on a date with has made me do a little gag, but I am yet to experience anything remotely close to the traumas that you guys unloaded onto me last weekend. My worst date was probably at age fourteen, when the boy I had been drooling over since Y7 invited me to KFC. (Ah, the romance!) The giddy school girl in me accepted and proceeded to nervously babble about how much “I love fried chicken”, even though I have been a vegetarian for my entire life and had never come close to even trying a chicken nugget…

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